Women dressed ‘provocatively’ are being arrested in Nigeria. The law’s still failing us | Sede Alonge

Those arrested in Abuja nightclubs were labelled prostitutes – despite there being no evidence. In this society, you don’t need any

Nigerian media has been awash with news of a recent police raid in the capital, Abuja, in which dozens of women were arrested in and around nightclubs on charges of prostitution. A city official said one way police assessed the potential guilt of the women was if they were dressed “provocatively”. No men were arrested in the raid. There was also an ominously conspicuous absence of any evidence of soliciting, which is a crime under Nigerian law. Most alarming of all, there are witness reports of rape, sexual assault and financial extortion of the women by the policemen who arrested them. Some of the women were taken to a mobile court and allegedly pressured to plead guilty to charges of prostitution on the spot.

Such arrests don't just disregard due process but send a clear message as to who's in charge: men

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from World news | The Guardian http://bit.ly/2PPMT42