Meghan Markle is a trailblazer, but does she know how to raise an Englishman? Luckily, I do...

Yes, the tweeness of “mummy” sets American dentistry on edge, but I can guide the duchess through this transatlantic minefield

It is now the law to describe Meghan Markle as “revolutionary”, judging from the media coverage she inspires. Whether this is by parliamentary or palace decree, I’m not quite sure (I’m American so, like Markle, still not entirely up to speed with all these British rules). She is a woman of mixed heritage in the royal family, which is certainly revolutionary. Unlike previous women – her mother-in-law Diana, most obviously – who have been lumbered with tricky relatives on their side of the family, Markle shows a pleasing resistance to being the accommodating little lady and has, apparently, told hers to go jump.

Is that revolutionary? It’s certainly admirable. In the past week alone, I’ve read at least four articles claiming that Markle’s appearance in public with a non-flat postpartum stomach was revolutionary. Admittedly, her sister-in-law, Kate née Middleton, did exactly the same after her births, and Kate is widely agreed to be about as revolutionary as a wet tea towel. So perhaps in this particular case, Markle’s much-commented upon “mum tum” has less to do with her revolutionary spirit and more with female physiology.

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